Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make an appointment?

Call our offices at (469) 525-2498 or (903) 893-4884. Our hours are 9am-6pm Monday -Friday and 10am- 2pm on Saturdays. Typically the call will go to voice mail and will be answered in between appointments. I do all the scheduling of appointments directly to make sure that the client will be a good match for the kinds of services I provide.

What will it cost?

That varies depending on the insurance policy. The best way to get that information would be to call your insurance company and ask if behavioral health is covered and what your co-pays are currently.

How long are appointments?

They last 45-50 minutes unless you make special arrangements ahead of time to get additional time. If they go past 50 minutes, medical prescription than additional fees may apply.

What can I expect in my first appointment?

The first session will be spent getting to understand you and what areas you will be discussing in therapy. It will start with basic information about who you are and move to discuss about why you are seeking therapy. It will end by setting goals for the future sessions.

What issues do you work with in your practice?

I work with ages 8–adult and help people with a wide array of situations. Some of the most common problems for children and teens are Anger, there Anxiety, try Depression, separation of parents, and life changes that the child/teen is struggling with in his or her life.  Adults will come for some of the same reasons, and in addition, they may also have relationship conflicts, job stress, financial pressures, or mental health issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and other life stresses.

How long would I need to come to counseling?

That depends on many factors. If the client has one or two goals they wish to work on, than the average number of sessions range from 8 to 12.   If it’s for more complex treatment goals such as coping tools for Bipolar, Severe Anxiety, and Major Depression then session may last longer.

Is counseling covered by my insurance plan?

Most insurance policies do cover mental health but is is often at a different co-pay and deductible than the medial coverage. In fact, for sale your mental health coverage may be handled by a completely different insurance company than your medical coverage. The best way to find out about coverage is to call the insurance company directly. In addition to telling you about coverage, advice most insurance companies have a directory they will provide with a list of preferred providers in your area.

Tanya Brown-Davis Licensed Professional Counselor McKinney Texas Dallas TexasTanya Brown-Davis, M.S., LPC